Step On Toes

Hey hi there..

Another day another dollar, no not really. As a full-time student in a foreign country Im apparently not allow to work. But school is back from winter break and Im all ready for this semester.. taking classes that got to do with my mass media major so this will be a lot of work but fun, hopefully.

My last class of the day today was communication 360 Mass Media & Society,  where we are gonna go down the rabbit hole and decode what we been taught growing up, and Im all for it. And with the world views I have today I will probably end up sounding crazier than usual after this class and this semester. Sounding crazy of course to the people with less open minds, people who doesn’t want their reality to change even though they are living in a bubble that is on the edge of breaking.

In other news and another personal note, I recently moved and it feels great & with a new roommate. Couldn’t be happier about it, however I won’t be having internet there before monday so hang in there if you were interested to read more on this blog, the posts will come it might just take a little while:)

Have a great night, and keep an open mind.. always



A New Beginning

Hey hi hello there
(all posts will be written in English for the purpose of a wider audience) 

So the year of 2016 has already begun an I’m already late with my blog. So this first post will be an introduction of myself and who I am.

I go by many names such as Micaela, Kayla or Mika whatever suits you, I’m a pot smoking girl and Im born in Sweden. During my 26years on this earth I’ve lived in Sweden, Australia, Norway and Im currently based in the US. I live in north county San Diego California, Im here taking my bachelor degree in mass media. Why mass media you ask? Because its a huge part of our future and I want to help change the world and being able to do so I need to make an impact on people and best way to reach a large crowd is in my opinion the internet, tv and magazines.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel a lot and some of the places I’ve been to is Bali, Spain, Amsterdam, England, Germany, Poland, Peru aso(And So On). I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I’ve been around, seen places and got a good idea of how our world looks, I’ve meet a lot of different people and considering myself a person with an open mind. Im somewhat interested in history and a strong believer that the world as it is today is not a great place! It needs to change!

My goal with this blog is not to overthrow you with fashion advice and food pictures, altho it might happen from time to time, the goal here is to influence you to want to make a change, I want people to open their eyes and broaden their views. I will write about weed, government, agriculture, drugs and other important issues. It will be based on my opinion and my research, if you don’t agree with me thats fine, just respect my view and I will do my best to respect yours.

So there you have it, a little bit of me anyway.

Be the change you want to see in this world!

– MJ