What up Sweden

What a fucking sad caption to this post… but reality is fucking sad at the moment isn’t it? I’m a swedish girl that has never been more grateful to not be living in sweden right now.  WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH SVERIGEDEMOKRATERNA??? I still can’t believe a racist political party can have the 3rd major vote in sweden…. WAKE UP SWEEDS, doesn’t matter  how you look at it, they are racists with too much power !

I’m not bashing out on just the political party but on the people who vote for them? I’m not sorry when I ask Are you stupid? På riktigt är ni helt jävla pantade eller?
My anger in english is not enough so had to switch language. I’m a lurker on the internet, I look and read peoples comments and posts to get an understanding of what people is putting out to the world… I’ve always been a weeper I cry for everything, and I get real real mad real quick. So when people comments on the refugee “problem” with a sentence like “send them back on boats without oars”… This is a mild version of what the hateful people of Sweden been posting.. This might be a mild comment but how can people be so insensitive, send them back, just like as if it were a choice to begin with. My thoughts goes out to everyone in need and I apologies for my so-called fellow country men. Anyway the hate makes me sad, how can u be so harsh to someone you never even met? Why be so scared of rumors with no evidence? DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER.. Ever heard that before?

I know I could write this post with an explanation of how SD are racists or how their political views are frightenly similar to the ones from Hitler’s nazi party. But the information is already out there!! Google it if u don’t believe me…  I just wanted to release some built up anger towards the sweeds who can’t seem to be able to open their eyes.

I consider myself a person with no country or flag, I don’t and won’t fight for patriotism, I’ll fight for humanity and people of the world.




When All Else Fails…

Hi hello there..

The weeks this year is just flying by.. one more week and then its already march. One of my favorite ways to relax and take care of time is by smoking some good grass, either its sativa(uplifting) or indica(relaxing) its always nice to blow out some smoke.

For the past 10 years I’ve had an interest for marijuana and all its benefits but it wasn’t until I moved to the U.S that I got to know the names of different strains and with that knowledge I got to realize the different smells and taste they all have, its a whole world of flavors.

I am a sativa girl, I like when my mind starts thinking and I’m happy and inspired, it lifts me up when I feel down, so my favorites at the moment is J1, Great White Shark and Jack Herer. Another favorite that is suppose to be a hybrid (mix of indica n sativa) or a indica but keeps hitting me like a sativa one is Skywalker OG, this one smells really good too!


Weirdly enough I don’t have any pot on me right now so I can’t role one up…
However when all else fails remember that weed is always a solution 😉


The day of love

Happy valentines day ❤


Im all for spreading love, give or receive some chocolate or flowers… but lets keep our feet on the ground and don’t forget about the less fortunate. Being in the U.S this time of year makes me a bit upset and that is not because my boyfriend is back in Norway, but because this over consuming of stuff for all these holidays which serves no purpose more than we spending more money on things we really don’t need. What’s the deal with that? Do we need gigant teddybears in our homes? Do we need pink colored m&ms just cus its valentines? Its ridiculous if you ask me, I couldn’t care less of the color of my candy or the size of my gifts, all I want is maybe some extra love on this “special” holiday. I believe this so-called holiday is suppose to be about unconditional love, peace and thankfulness of the people around us, but somehow its been turned in to a day for big companies to earn even more money by trying to get us to buy all this crap for no valid reason at all…

So spread love, call your family, say hi to your neighbor, spare some change for those in need and stay off all this over consuming of unnecessary STUFF.

One love