All night long

Its getting closer to 7.30 in the morning here, and I haven’t gone to bed yet… yes your thought is correct, I have a paper due midnight and been up all night trying to write it… I have 3 pages, 2 more to go. I got this !

I seem to always do my school work in the last minute, and I don’t know why that is… however my last paper that I finished just hours before it was due resulted in an A for the grade so thats a positive outcome, and I seem to do my best work last minute, so why change a working system?

Any who, its getting close to breakfast time and Im getting hungry…

Bye for now.



When time is not enough

Oh how I wish I could have the spare time to write my blog daily and inform people about real issues and help one or two people to open their minds a little… and maybe even get some to change their opinions.. for the better, of course.

But as a full-time student with mostly writing classes I have a hard time finding the time to write for pleasure. Which my blog is suppose to be, a place where I can write because I want to not because I have to…

I couldn’t sleep last night… had these thoughts about our world… our poor poor world that we keep destroying day after day…
We search for life on other planets out there but keep killing the life we have here… gosh I pray we won’t find more life.. Im sure we will just end up killing it anyway.

I don’t like hate… I don’t like that we can’t take our own responsibility and blame everyone that is a tiny bit different from ourselves.. if its not the blacks then its the jews and if not the jews then its the gays and if not the gays then its muslims or feminism or some other stupid reason to hate.. I mean non of this is a legit hate or fear reason, and i can’t believe people doesn’t know that!!!! So maybe Im hateful too.. but towards people who don’t respect other people, towards people who divide and separate us from one another… yes I hate those people…

remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend… I wish I was a kid.


This hamster wheel

Hi there…


Ive been having around one week of restless sleep, being up all night with thoughts about how life used to be and reminiscing. There has been many times that I’ve believed I was born in the wrong era. I don’t like all this technology… I like to write on paper with a pen… But I can’t change what is, so I will take advantage of the technology by searching for knowledge and then help people to find it too. Because no one can really believe that this is life? The hamster wheel I mean…

School for X amount of years, then work (to pay off school), paying taxes and then you die.
As sad as my description might be thats the general way of life in the western world. In between you can ofc be happy by having kids and what not, but is this the way the world was intended? I don’t think so. Greed and hatred has been growing out of peoples control, and we obey to people who we think know better, but they don’t, they use the system, democracy is not longer what it used to be. Conspiracy and corruption is everyday food.

Wake up people, don’t you want something more out of life? Is that just me?

Sometimes I wish I could just leave and settle down somewhere where I could not be found.. growing my own food and having no contact except face to face interactions.. Just so I would not have to be apart of whats going on in this fucked up world of ours.

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”