too hungry to function too tired to eat

Im really tired of school now… so tired Im considering being done… theres never a job guarantee after college so why am I doing something I don’t love?

Unfortunately theres only a handful of stuff I really love..which is probably why I get bored and quit all the time.. I have no passion… except one, but smoking weed for money is an very unlikely job to find. But holla at me if u find one.

Considering moving to Amsterdam, and just work in some shop and thats it… why can’t I have the life of being content and not caring? Seems to be the norm in the western world.. fuck only the thought of that makes me angry.. So why do I care? Im so sick and tired of caring, and I’m so over it.. wheres the check out counter?


No time to write

Im sitting here again… last minute school writing… another midterm that is due in 6 hours and I haven’t started… 6-8 pages.

Being away from my man is whats keeping my mind busy….this frustration… the struggle is real;)
I’m all about sharing but this topic is gonna stay away from the blog.. all in all, I miss him. Every day.

So the paper… yeah… about to get started on it any minute now… I know I can write it, I’m that confident about it, its just getting started thats the worst part. Inspiration and my writers flow where are u? Time for another hit.. maybe it’ll make me creative.

I haven’t even had the time to write about the terror in Belgium… Im not sure I want to comment on it… I mean what is left to say? This constant repetition, how hard is it for people to just dig a little deeper?
I want to say we have to pray for our world, but Im not that religious.. and maybe its more about doing something(!) instead of just sending out happy thoughts… I mean pray all u want but we need to take action!
People who doesn’t know history is bound to repeat it… yes this is not my words.. its a quote Im sure many already have read. First its a great quote, so so true, second why do we keep making the same mistakes? don’t we f*cking learn history in school? Why do some people choose to ignore it? It is driving me crazy!
U.S government paying for ISIS, probably so we can keep being busy with this western terror attacks and forget or continue to ignore the arabic terror that is going on, or the animals dying in Africa, and kids too for that matter, or to forget global warming.. if anyone has even started to worry about that?

Sometimes I feel people are so ignorant I wish we have a world disaster so we can get ride of some of those asses.