restroom problems 

I’m not a big fan of reading or watching the news because they are to bias in my opinion. either it’s being bias to the left or right I don’t care, journalism should always be without personal biases however a very few number of journalists writes without their biases. 

anyway lately I’ve notice it’s this huge argument about the gender bathrooms n are transgender people allow to use either bathroom… and all I can think is.. who the fuck cares?  if u have such major problems that a man might walk in then maybe u should go home and go to your on bathroom… I mean why make such a big deal about it… 

it’s getting overboard with all these absurd Instagram mems… there’s way bigger issues than which restroom to use in our world.. and I think it’s sad that we put so much focus on this topic.. can’t share a bathroom then pee in your own home.. as simple as that! 

we can’t walk around worried that every transgender person is gonna be a pedofile n go in to women’s restrooms just to take pictures… like wtf kind of way of thinking is that? 

stop expecting the worst !