week 6: Mi Familia/La Mission

We had to watch two movies this week, both about mexican-american families, both which confirmed or supported some of my prejudices about the meximerican culture.

I watched La Mission first, and for a movie being that long (1h55min) I was expecting another or better ending. Im not gonna spoil the movie as I did like it for the most part and for anyone interested in watching it should. Both the mural art and car art symbolized a lot of culture, family and religion confirming the prejudices about mexican-american catholics. Also supporting that is the fathers reaction when he finds out the truth about his son.  The son who in my opinion portrayed the most masculine role, which is no surprise as a homosexual male in a catholic environment has to come across as strong to not lose face.
Unknown.jpeg MV5BMTk1Mzc3NzY3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTQxNDU4Mw@@._V1_UY268_CR4,0,182,268_AL_.jpg
In Mi Familia a movie I must say I liked better we get a whole life story told to us and I really enjoyed the history part in the movie. I loved how the house was the meeting point, the center of the movie, it made it easier to understand the family value and connection they all had. It again is confirming the meximerican culture but also helps in understanding their values and beliefs. I also enjoyed that each room in the house had a different strong color, it was suited with the way the movie was shown, time periodically. In both movies the message is the importance of family, and that the struggle is part of life, we get through it, we fight and we survive with the help and understanding from the people around us. Our family.

These movies are both being portrayed to take place no later than the 80s-90s, (yes Mi familia start out way earlier) and what I notice is that there is still people living like they do, there is still these division between people, culture and class, 20-30 years later and we still struggle with this… makes you question if it will ever change..


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