week 7: Songcatcher

I don’t think i would ever have watched the Songcatcher if it wasn’t for this class, but I’m glad I did because I kinda liked it. It was a pretty movie.. beautiful might be a better word? It was almost all nature through out the movie and i liked it.

I enjoyed the movie for many reasons not only the nature scenery. I liked that there was a lot of music in it, even if it was old scots-irish folk songs and ballads. The sound was soothing, and seeing Dr. Penleric  and the apparatus she has to use to record songs, it reminds me on how far the progress of technology has come. How easy it is for almost anyone to just press play on ones phone and then record whatever one want. And if we don’t like what we  record we can always erase and re-do it. The dedication, energy and tolerance for such work back then. songcatcher-2.jpg

I also like that they decided to have a lesbian couple in a movie taking place in the early 1900’s. Another reminder of our progress and the struggle for people to be able to be with whom ever they like. I mean there is still people out there committing the same sort of hate crime as some of the men did in the movie. Kind of make you think how we can be so far along in technology advancement and still have so far to go in human knowledge and common sense.
Anyway, I liked everyones accent it really added to their characters and the setting of the movie, it enjoyed the movie so much i actually cried towards the end. 11.jpg


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