week 8: Billy Elliot

The award winning movie about a boy overcoming his own and his families prejudices towards males dancing ballet. A touching movie which ironically enough didn’t touch me. I have chosen not to watch this movie before because I got a sense that I wouldn’t like it… and now that I had to watch it I found myself having a hard time paying attention, it just didn’t get me caught up in it…

However, yes I can see the cultural aspect of the movie, it takes place in a 1984 English countryside, at the same time as the miner’s strike (where Billy’s dad & brother works), this pushing on the gender roles and their “right” ways of being, as no mines has female workers. Yes the main theme of the movie might very well be gender and what one should and should not do according to “gender rules”.
Being 11 might not be as much of a struggle as being a teenager, but having to deal with the loss of a parent is not a child’s task, I think that when Billy discovered ballet and dancing he finds a way to deal with his loss, it gives him a way to express his sorrows, anger and joy. Expressing oneself in any form of art has a healing effect, at least in my own experience, I mean I agree with Billy when he describes how dancing makes him feel and that it easier to let go of things and not think about it.
Unfortunately like with everything hobbies takes time and my own dancing has been put on hold whilst I still try to keep up with photography and drawing.


Its ironic that the movie contains few female actresses as gender differences seem to be so important to them (writers/directors). This movie came out in 2000, and as I said takes place in 1984, our society looks at things differently now, thankfully. We have done some progress, but far from enough, as long as blue will be seen as a “boy” color and pink as a “girl” color we are gonna have to work for gender equality. No one should have to hide who they really are, and whatever our interests are shouldn’t matter.
Pursuing our own dreams should be everyones life goal, not our parents dream, nor teachers or other.. because its yourself who has to live with the decisions.
I didn’t like the movie as much as many others, maybe because I think this topic should be a given, because it is to me, I don’t care what you like as long as you don’t force me in to it. At the same time I won’t stop you from doing what you like. with the exception that it doesn’t hurt anyone else..

We should all learn to just accept, respect and believe in ourselves, just like Billy ended up doing!
My favorite scene is when he’s dancing on the rooftops & streets and billy-elliot_06.jpg…just exploding in electricity..


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