week 10: Whale Rider

First of all I can’t even imagine how many different tribes and individual cultures there is around the world… most of them we won’t ever hear of… How crazy is that? I had no idea that New Zealand had their own tribes.. I mean I never thought about it… Im not surprised tho as different ways of practice life and/or religion is inevitable in our huge world.

(Photo from the movie, Paikea the Whale Rider)

This movie pays a lot of attention to the fact that the chosen one is a girl… at first glance it is like its no surprise that the gender is the topic.. cultures as many as there is it seem to always have a problem with the females. So it must be cultural that the girl could not be the savior/prophet.
I found it sad that the grandfather or “Paka” couldn’t see that all that he wanted in the first born boy was right there in front of him, the whole time.. in the first born girl… and then blame all the things that went wrong on the poor girl.

With the grandpa’s intense connection to his tribe and his beliefs I think he should have noticed her abilities earlier… I find it a bit strange that he didn’t see it or feel it as he was the chief. It almost felt like the grandma and uncle could see Paikea for what she was, way before she swam down to catch the whale tooth. Maybe they choose to not say anything to “Paka” because everyone needs to find their answers in their own way, and in their own phase. We can’t rush epiphanies.  And sometimes we push to hard on what we believe in that we forget to open our eyes to what is right in front of us… and in this case that is what “Paka” did, he believed so strongly in the male leader version that he got blinded towards the potential of a female chief.

(Photo from movie, Paikea)

I learned through this movie that our native tribes are everywhere, even if we don’t hear about them, even if they are not widespread or turned in to movies there is so much going on in our world that we do not know about, that we to be honest have not a single clue about.
That is what makes this world interesting and scary all at the same time.

(My photo from Aussie 2009, Manly Beach in Sydney)

On the end note… How nice isnt the New Zealand english language? I love their accent, and couldn’t help but wanting to move back to Australia where I lived 7 years ago, with the very similar accent. And not to mention the scenery… I loved the nature!
Now I gonna spend some time reminiscing my 7 months Down under.

(Myself posing with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background)


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