week 11: The Sapphires

Based on a true story, doesn’t that sentence always make you a little more intrigued?

The Sapphires is a film that shows a lot of mixed cultures. I’ve enjoyed most of the movies we’ve watched so far and this one is no exception. I really like soul and jazz music. Sad fact tho that the aboriginal girls had to sing that genre because of their skin color. Even sadder fact that we still have such strong racism going on in our world. (of course keeping the u.s election in mind).
Back to the movie,  I liked the history part, you got to see part of the war or troops that you don’t normally see in all these war movies that has been made on the Vietnam war. The performance part, and the non fighting part I mean. The happy times in those violent times, kind of give it a nice contrast. Although I rather see a world without any war anywhere. What else.. love love love the accent of the Aussie aboriginals, just as Whale Rider it brought me back to when I lived down under. Crazy how the aboriginals got treated too, with the light skinned ones being taken from their families and raised as “white”, like what does that even mean? How can people have been so cruel, how is it that some have it so hard to accept people who doesn’t act or look like themselves. I just don’t get it. And that so much hatred is put on the people who originated on those lands makes it all more crazy… Another thing I liked was all the love stories in the movie, like the one between Dave Lovelace and Gail.. don’t want to spoil too much there so I’ll leave it at that. Last but not least is that I actually liked that they sang white western music first, I thought it was a cool contrast, sad that our stereotypes are the way they are. sapphires-movie-review_05212012_103139.jpg


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