week 13: Ai Weiwei – Never Sorry

Wow Weiwei!!

This Chinese artist is incredible, maybe one of my favorites from the artists we been looking at throughout the semester. It was not just his amazing large scale artwork that i liked, although the one show he had with the exhibition of the backpacks representing the children who lost their lives in the earthquake was awesome, I loved his role as an activist. His constant work to preserve free speech and bringing democracy to china. I really like how he used his art work to take a stand. To really commit to a cause. It is almost scary how little we (or at least I) know about china and their government and the country in general,.. it is so big and it has such influence yet we don’t give it much attention. I’m not surprised over the police brutality, every American should be pretty familiar with that. Its sad that it is such a thing that we have in common.

Throughout the movie and the more we got to know Ai Weiwei, the more I felt that he is this really passionated artist with no limitations. He said in the end of the movie that he thinks there is a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression, and I could not agree more. Our governments should hide things from the people and we shouldn’t have to be afraid of them, but if they do (and they do) thats when we need people like Weiwei, that can show us the secrets. This movie also emphasizes on how powerful social media ( in this case Twitter & his blog) is in our society, what impact it has on us, and what changes it can bring. Which is why the Chinese government shut down his blog.

I liked that Ai Weiwei didn’t call himself fearless but rather more fearful than others, and because of that he acts more brave then others, he then said that he knows the danger is and if we don’t act the danger becomes stronger, I thought that was powerful. Because if the danger increases, so will the fear in people, and people who is afraid are much much easier to control. Hence, government want frighten people because they won’t resist.

I really really liked this documentary about Ai Weiwei, so much so that I’m about to watch a second film about him that is also on Netflix, called Ai Weiwei; The fake case.


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