I sort of liked writing reviews on the movies I watched throughout the fall semester, so I thought I could just continue writing about the movies I watch..

I was home for christmas and went to the movies with my sisters, after much deliberation on what we were gonna see we decided to watch Arrival, with Amy Adams in the lead.

(pic from google)

Overall I thought the movie was sort of draged out (1h56min). The movie was about aliens arriving to earth and the human race trying to figure out why. We get presented with the whole process of interaction with the aliens… that sort of looked like huge hands and fingers.. anyway I liked the movie but not because of the details of the interactions or the scenery of choice but because of the message… Humans need to work together !

When we keep dividing one another between us and them we create hate, fear and an unhealthy competition. We are all humans, born within imaginary lines that separate me from you, mine and yours. What we forget is that we come in to this world without anything, and the same way will we leave it, because nothing can come with us when we die. Still somehow we believe its important to collect as much stuff as possible during one lifetime.. kind of ridiculous when you think about it..

Anyway, back to the movie and the message of it, near the end its on the edge of war with the aliens and possible between countries too, the ones wanting to fight the aliens and the ones  not wanting to fight them. The aliens tells us that we need to unite in order for humanity to survive. When we work together we find solutions and when we don’t thats when war and disputes start. Unfortunately the whole movie was almost over before the message actually came across, but I liked it.. and I hope people who watch this movie also likes it, and thinks about what that really means!


week 14: Maya Lin – A Strong Clear Vision

The last blog post for this semester…

This week we watch a documentary biography about architect and artist Maya Lin. She is the creator of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial, Civil Rights movement fountain memorial and Women’s table at Yale university.  Her life seemed to have been an incredible journey, from winning the contest to create the vietnam veteran memorial at the age of only 20, and then having to fight for her idea and vision for it.
I think her struggle for her vision was that some people wanted something else not only because she was born from Asian parents but because there had been 1441 contestant I believe and so of course people will want to have a say and try to change things because they don’t like it. I however believe that art will always provoke, not every one but some. But I also believe that that is what art is suppose to do, because we all have different opinions based on our different experiences.

When I was watching the documentary I of course started crying, Im too emotional, but seeing how much this monument really meant for the veterans as they cried on the spot and personally thanked her I couldn’t hold my own tears back.
I liked that her creations were made so that people could interact with it and in that way become part of the art. Her choice of use of water and its representation was also brilliant and it then got people involved just like she wanted.
I think Maya Lin is a great architect and sculptor, with a genuine heart and passion for her believes and respect for others. I hope I’ll be able to see some of her work in real life on day.