Finally I went to the movies again, way too long since I’ve seen a new movie, I should probably just write about any movie/tv show I watch. 

Any who, late on Friday night I went to the movies to watch the movie Split. It is a horror/thriller, I got some of the same chills as from the Sixth sense when I first saw it, x years ago.

Storyline; a guy kidnaps three teen girls, it turned out the guy has multiple schizophrenia and has as many as 23 different personalities in him.

Hats off to James McAvoy (you may have seen him in some newer X-men movies), he portrayed the role really good. I was super impressed with how he manage to give each personality its own traits, he had different facial expressions and body language for each.

Unfortunately I was super excited before I saw the movie, so I was expecting more. I wanted to be more frighten.  There were different cues throughout the movie that made it more interesting tho, the therapist/psychiatrist had interesting views on people with multiple personalities, which at least made me open my mind for yet another potential for future human development. Watch it and see for yourself.


4/5 is the grade I give it.


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