International women’s day

(this is my unedited piece originally written for The Cougar Chronicles)

Sat down thinking about International Women’s Day and stunned by the fact that we still need to have this special day to celebrate the achievements of women, everyday should be women’s day.

With the United States new president this day becomes even more important this year because with his new ruling our society is basically moving backwards in advancement. Yes I’m talking about the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Who’s genius idea was that?

Do you know how much shit you have to go through as a woman? We have to argue over the right to our own bodies, universally we don’t get equal pay for the same job as a man, we can’t show our nipples on pictures on social media, and we need to have one day a year to be celebrated on. Let me explain.

The constant debates on whether or not she can have an abortion are maybe the biggest issue. How is this not her choice and her choice only? Men who think they have a say in this topic should go back to bed, this doesn’t concern you.

How can we still not have equal pay for the same job? This shouldn’t be debatable either, if the work is the same, so should the paycheck. It is called equality progress.

On social media men are posting photos of their abs with their nipples showing but if a women does it get removed for breaking the rules. For god’s sake it’s just a nipple, WE ALL GOT EM.


It has been over 100 years since the first International Women’s Day, yes you read it right, one hundred years and we still need this day. To highlight the social, economic and political achievements of women. Back then it was for the workingwomen, today it is for every woman and we need to start celebrate women every day, why you ask?
Because we f*cking rock girls !!


I might sound like one of those awful feminists that you hate, but if you just like me believe in equality between genders then my friend, you are a feminist too!

Which is a good thing, embrace it, and own it !

Being called a feminist should not be a curse word and because it has become one people associate it with negativity and unshowered hairy old women, which are only a handful compared to the amount of people calling themselves feminist but we so often forget about because their voices aren’t as loud.

It is long over due to start empowering girls all around the world… every day !

Girl you rock and you know it !