That time again

I feel like writing, i feel like expressing myself… still nothing comes out when I take my time to sit down and do just myself.

Life is a big rollercoaster.. you can’t be happy all the time, and when I’ve been happy for too long something has to happen, I just know, I can feel it.


Sometimes I feel like crying, for no reason but to cry. The sad part is that people around won’t stop asking whats wrong, and when I get that question too much I start feeling like everything is wrong… everything and every time I get that question it gets worse… Can’t I just cry because I want to? Because that makes me feel good.. at least until the headache kicks in.

And sometimes I cry because you make me… because I freaking love being loved and cared for and when I feel lonely and abandon I cry.. I’m such a baby.


Time to smoke, ease the pain..