last semester

Back in school for my last semester… I’m so ready to be done with the studying…

Two days a week will be my dedication to school this semester, the rest will be my work days and hopefully ill be able to get some structure in to my days, need to get back to working out and meal prepping.  Within five months my whole will be changing again so time to have some routines so I don’t go all crazy when changes happened.

I will also make sure to start with a creative hobby, either more photos, painting or bracelets making.. best would be a little bit of everything!

Happy with the ending of these three long years… this will be my most laid-back semester so far.


Last of this, last of that.

Last night in Sweden for i don’t know how long.. I graduate in May, but after that I don’t know what’s next for me or where. I’d like to take advantage of that extra year in US that is offered to apply for after graduation. If I don’t get it or have all the requirements then I have no idea what I’ll do… Do I move back to Norway in order to earn decent enough money? Do I move to Sweden to be close to family? Do I move to Amsterdam, Netherlands for..well for obvious reasons… or Spain or Portugal or UK?

Baby step so I don’t get anxiety… first thing first… tomorrow I fly back to San Diego, Wednesday I’m back at Sugar Shack w my second fam ❤ And monday after that I start my last semester at Cal State San Marcos, last semester in school… and my last semester at the Cougar Chronicle and being photo editor again, which I’m more than excited for, first semester of photo editor was a try out now I’m ready to step it up a notch,

Life is good, goodbyes are hard, love is all around you just have to accept it!


what really grinds my gears?

The other day I was in a shopping mall in a town here in Sweden (where I currently am to visit my family), so after some hours of mostly window-shopping I feel the need to go to the bathroom.

In most malls in Sweden you have to pay 5-10 kr($1) to use the bathroom, ridiculous yes, but yet how it is.

Arriving to the bathroom I see the door is locked, thinking to myself “sweet, now i don’t have to pay, ill just grab the door when the person comes out”
The lady in the bathroom comes out looks at me while I’m reaching for the door and purposely closes the bathroom door…

Asking the lady “what are you doing?” where she responds “Its not my duty to pay for you”… wtf… I got so chocked that someone could be so cheap and my response probably confirmed that chock as it went something like “no you don’t, but come on I’m a fellow human” … after she says something like “are you?”  and I went something like “what a bitch”…

I then of course paid the 5krs and went to the bathroom, the idea to pay for the bathroom here weren’t the problem… I had the money, its just such an inhumane cheap-ass thing not to hold the door for the next person..

For me its a given to hold the door for the next person, either it be entering the classroom or a bathroom stall which has a fee… I mean we are all on the same team,. at least that’s what I thought…


In the end it isn’t my karma that got hurt, and the old lady is probably locked-in in a bathroom stall somewhere now for the way she acted.. i’m still in chock and telling everyone this story because I find it so weird that a person can be like that… Is it just me?

That my friends is something that really grinds my gears. Grinds-my-gears1.jpg

Closing of a chapter

I first moved to Oslo, Norway in September 2009, it didn’t suit me then so I decided to move to Sydney, Australia instead.. in june 2010 I returned to norway in desperate need of money… Everything that happened in Oslo during my 5 year stay put be through hell while at the same time fooling me to believe I was happy, and for awhile I was. Really happy.

Today I returned to Oslo.. for what I believe to be my last time there.. maybe ever. I picked up my very last stuff that was stored at my old boyfriends apartment.. since I moved to Cali 3 years ago I never really felt like I had ended my time in Oslo. Today… I could feel it, i drove for around 6 hours, met my ex, looked at the empty apartment, in where we used to be happy.. to be honest I couldn’t hold back the tears.. still can’t.

Down in the storage unit stood my last boxes of old clothes, pillows, and other junk.. I couldn’t have taken us more than 30 min to fill my car up.

A last hug, a promise to stay in touch (a promise that will most likely break) and loving greetings to each others families..

I spent 7 hours getting back.. not because of traffic but because I took my time.. wondered why I didn’t cry more? Why I was so nervous in the beginning and why I’ve been hating on my time in Oslo… it made me who I am today.. it pushed me to test my limits.. Looking back.. Im okey with closing this chapter of my life… 8-9years as written in Norway, its about time to put all focus and attention on the now & the future!!

Oslo du er kult, men nå er de slutt.. IMG_6586
The sky on the road home.. if this isn’t a sky of a closing chapter with good vibes I don’t know what it.