Closing of a chapter

I first moved to Oslo, Norway in September 2009, it didn’t suit me then so I decided to move to Sydney, Australia instead.. in june 2010 I returned to norway in desperate need of money… Everything that happened in Oslo during my 5 year stay put be through hell while at the same time fooling me to believe I was happy, and for awhile I was. Really happy.

Today I returned to Oslo.. for what I believe to be my last time there.. maybe ever. I picked up my very last stuff that was stored at my old boyfriends apartment.. since I moved to Cali 3 years ago I never really felt like I had ended my time in Oslo. Today… I could feel it, i drove for around 6 hours, met my ex, looked at the empty apartment, in where we used to be happy.. to be honest I couldn’t hold back the tears.. still can’t.

Down in the storage unit stood my last boxes of old clothes, pillows, and other junk.. I couldn’t have taken us more than 30 min to fill my car up.

A last hug, a promise to stay in touch (a promise that will most likely break) and loving greetings to each others families..

I spent 7 hours getting back.. not because of traffic but because I took my time.. wondered why I didn’t cry more? Why I was so nervous in the beginning and why I’ve been hating on my time in Oslo… it made me who I am today.. it pushed me to test my limits.. Looking back.. Im okey with closing this chapter of my life… 8-9years as written in Norway, its about time to put all focus and attention on the now & the future!!

Oslo du er kult, men nå er de slutt.. IMG_6586
The sky on the road home.. if this isn’t a sky of a closing chapter with good vibes I don’t know what it.

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