Why I went to college?

Life is constantly changing, how can one figure out anything when we don’t know whats coming next?

Someone asked me today why I went to college (university) and I just blanked… Why did I start studying again?
I think unfortunately I started school because I was unhappy seeing myself as a salesperson for the rest of my life in some hardware store in the dark somewhere cold. I think I started studying because people said I was a good writer, and having a bachelor might help with finding a job I really want. I think I started CSUSM because I needed the sun (therefor I chose Cali) and I needed to be close to media capital LA, so i ended up 1-2 hours from LA, taking a bachelor in mass media & communication.

Im graduating in May, and even though I’m almost done, I don’t know if I want to continue in media.. I’ve been so bored with theories of media and communication for 3 years that now I just wanna get as far away from it as possible.

That’s a lie, I wanna write, I wanna take photos and be creative and I want to be involved in the cannabis industry. So maybe some journalism on cannabis is exactly what I should do with my bachelor in the bag and my extending experiences in the marijuana dispensary.

Just some thoughts..